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Plogoff anti-nuclear

Good evening,

This message follows the screening of the films "Stones against guns" and "The Plogoff file" at the municipal hall of Plogoff on 7/05/2007. The screening was organized by GAPAS on the occasion of their film festival "Your sea in film".

A debate was scheduled to take place at the end of the screening. An anti-nuclear activist, believing to be preaching to converts, spoke to convince the audience to attend an anti-nuclear demonstration in Cherbourg. Quickly, the intervention caused the massive escape of the spectators.

Do you think, as this activist, that there is still an anti-nuclear spirit in Cape Town and especially in Plogoff? I will tend to think that this fight was first against the power station, the anti-nuclear coming after.

Many amalgams were made, being born in 81, I have trouble getting an idea. I will have obviously struggled against the establishment of the power plant (in such a place it is unthinkable) but from there to totally refuse the nuclear ... utopia?

If some have lived these events, I would like to know their opinion wink

Thank you!!

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